Friday, May 22, 2009

Beautiful scenic card from Penn. from Marina

From Kris,

I think this card is one of the cutest I've ever gotten. I don't know, I think it has something to do with those awesome hats. This card is a scene from Virginia but was actually sent to me from Katie in New Jersey.

Thank you so much

Beautiful card from Finland

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another gorgeous card from Sia! Thank you so much!
Crys, Postcardcafe
Susie R., Postcardcafe

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hippo card from area51ufo1, postcardcafe

Round 4 Card from Emeryldmist, postcardcafe

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

From: Billi, postcardcafe

From: Dose, postcardcafe
From: Jackie, postcardcafe
From: Unknown, possible

From: Billi Amos, not actually from Alabama but really cool all the same

From: Sia, postcardcafe
From: Leslie, postcardcafe
My first card from PCC!
From: Steph M, postcardcafe
From: Charlotte, postcardcafe
These cards are AMAZING! <3 Comic Books!
From: Jackie, postcardcafe
From: Florida,
From: Gery, Postcrossing
I absolutely ADORE Hokusai <3 This is definitely one of my favorite.
From: Jessica, postcardcafe

From: The East Coast! No name or postcard community given. Thank you, whoever you are!
From: Anna, postcrossing
From: Natasha, Postcardx
From: April, postcrossing

From: Dear Simona, A gift. :D
From: Rachel, postcrossing

From: Ina, postcrossing
From: Sandra, postcrossing
From: Johanna, postcrossing
From: Lady Silverwings,

From: Aulihelena, postcrossing
From: Gypsy Crone , postcardx
Strange, but cool.
From: Miss Scotty,
Wizard of Oz art
From: Megan,
From: Wiccy, postcrossing
From: Saru, postcrossing

From: Alex, postcrossing

From: Swantje,
A stunning card from Germany.
From: Verena,
This is one of my post treasured postcards. I love the Olympic mascots.
Received from:

A postcard of Yellowstone park from California
From: Mich, postcardx

An unexpected postcard from Japan! It's the Amarube tram bridge in Kobe.
From: Takahiro, postcrossing. com

An amazing package from the Netherlands!
Thank you so much!

Handmade Card
From Annabell, postcardx

Beautiful handmade card from South Africa
From: Cuan Miles,
Received from: Laura lurv_me, postcardcafe
Thank you do much!